List of Working Papers


  • CoE-UHC Working Paper SeriesNo:7(pdf)
  • ACE Working Paper004-Irregularities(pdf)



List of Monograph Series 

  • Lesson from Jim Grant’s Vision for Public Health(pdf)
  • Reproductive Tract Infections and Sexually Transmitted Infections of Women in Bangladesh: A Literature Review(pdf)
  • Violence Against Women in Bangladesh: Situational Analysis/Existing Interventions(pdf)
  • Menstrual Problems of Women in Bangladesh(pdf)
  • Sexuality and Rights Workshop (January 2007)(pdf)
  • Existing Reproductive and Sexual Health Interventions to Young People in South Asia(pdf)
  • Reproductive Health & Behavior Change Communications: Situational Analysis/Existing Interventions in Bangladesh(pdf)
  • Daily health concerns in Kakabo Anthropological explorations in a Bangladeshi village (August 2008)(pdf)
  • Brainstorming session on “Sexuality and Rights” (July 2008)(pdf)
  • Bangladesh Health System in Transition: Selected Articles(pdf)
  • HIV and AIDS Interventions in Bangladesh: Successes, Challenges, and Ways Forward (June 2009)(pdf)
  • Workshop on Sexuality, Health and Media (March 2009)(pdf)
  • To Act or No to Act? Section 377 of the Bangladesh Penal Code (October 2009)(pdf)
  • International Gender and Sexuality Workshop Papers (October 2009)(pdf)
  • Sexuality and Power: A Follow-up Workshop on Sexuality and Rights (October 2009)(pdf)