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Contents Developed by CGSRHR

  • Lets Debunk the Misconceptions_Bangla (PDF)
  • Lets Debunk the Misconceptions_English (PDF)
  • Amra Jante Chai (PDF)
  • Adventures of Mama Sex (Video)
  • Debunking SRHR Myths (Video)


Policy Brief: Exploring Older Adolescents’ (Age 15-19) Perceptions About Substance Abuse In Urban Slums (Pdf)

Baseline report: Adolescent experiences in Chittagong and Sylhet divisions, Bangladesh (PDF)

‘Crisis within a Crisis’: Situation Analysis and Post-Fire Incident Rapid Assessment Report of affected Rohingya Camps (PDF)

Exploring the perspectives of caregivers about their engagement in Pashe Achhi Telecommunication Model (PDF)

Changing approaches-Discussing and Addressing Sexuality and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights(SRHR) issues in the context of Bangladesh (PDF)

Understanding the nature of child marriage in urban slums in Bangladesh: A mixed method investigation of two slums in Dhaka and Chittagong (PDF)

Reforming MPH Report (PDF)

ACE Consensus-Building Workshop(PDF) 

A Review Report on Comprehensive Sexuality Education in Bangladesh 2018 (PDF)

Baseline Survey Report 2018: Strengthening Health Systems through Organizing Communities (SHASTO) (PDF)


MOVE-IT Final Report


Tanahashi Reports