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The James P Grant School of Public Health, with support from UNICEF and BRAC University, launched its fourth Centre of Excellence – the Centre for Science of Implementation and Scale-Up in November 2016.

Evidence of what works and what does not in terms of the efficacy of health interventions is available from the global body of health research. However, even proven interventions are often slow to be translated into policy and implemented at scale. There is also a lack of documentation on how lessons learnt from previous experiences of adopting and scaling up interventions for improved child survival, health and development can be applied to future scaling-up processes in low or middle-income countries more generally as well as specifically in the context of Bangladesh.

The Centre for Science of Implementation and Scale-Up will endeavour to document best practices, conduct evidence-based advocacy and institutionalise capacity-building on the science of scaling up interventions, bridging the worlds of academia and policy-making for increased evidence-based decision-making on scaling up proven interventions. The Centre will primarily focus on scaling up innovations for child survival and development in the policy context of Bangladesh.

The objectives of the new Centre of Excellence are threefold and centre on the following three areas:

  1. Research
  2. Evidence-based advocacy
  3. Training/capacity-building